Tire Rotation Services Boost Safety

Every tire is mounted on a vehicle in a specific way. Over time, you must let a mechanic change each tire's position to enhance safety on the road.

As you drive your vehicle, its tire trends will touch the ground, and some rubber surfaces will wear away. This is why professional tire rotations are vital. After all four tires are serviced, friction is distributed evenly, and this process preserves the tires treads. Typically, a tire rotation is needed each time a car bypasses 5,000 miles. However, there are some situations when rotations may be needed more regularly. For example, if a vehicle has a front-wheel drive system, more friction will generate underneath the front tires when the engine produces torque. This means that the front tires will wear out faster than the rear tires.

If you need a tire rotation, great services are available at Richmond Truck & Trade Outlet. We rotate tires on cars, trucks, and SUVs for consumers in Richmond.



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